Mindful Eating

photo credit: next wave studios

photo credit: next wave studios

With the holidays lurking around the corner and quickly approaching… our schedules begin to fill up and bog us down with stress and a long to do list. Kids activities, church functions, shopping, sending cards, parties, eating, drinking, did I say eating? We tend to load ourselves down with alcohol, lots of sugar, more coffee, and heavy and fatty foods as the holidays blow by us. We reach for the convenient and fast foods because that’s all we have time for. So here are a few tips on how to slow down, enjoy yourself, the food you’re consuming, and really take care of yourself over the next month so that the new year isn’t filled with regret and wonder on how the holidays flew by again and you never got a second to take a breath and actually stop and take them all in.

  1. Only eat sitting down with no distractions. That means turning off the tv, hiding the magazines, catalogs, and cell phones!
  2. Eat only till your 80% full. Eating till your so full and uncomfortable isn’t worth the misery.
  3. Chew your food! We tend to shovel our food down especially when we’re in a hurry. The slower you eat and chew your food, you trick your brain into thinking your full and you’ll eat less! Easy weight-loss plan!
  4. Moderation, moderation. Everything in moderation! As humans we tend to overdo everything. Eat wisely and choose the things you love to eat. Don’t just pile it on the plate because it’s in front of you.
  5. See how your food makes you feel. If eating a whole loaf of rosemary Ciabatta bread makes you feel bloated and not so hot afterwards (which it should!) Don’t eat it! If lots of sugar makes you sluggish, wheat makes you feel weighed down, or alcohol makes for a long recovery-avoid these!
  6. Learn to eat the good for you foods and save the sweets as a treat. You’re guaranteed to enjoy them more when you only consume them once in a while.

New years is right around the corner, where we concentrate on making changes and setting goals for ourselves and our health. Why not start early this year and not have such large and unattainable goals for the new year. We’ve stopped enjoying food and made it a race to see how quickly and how much we can consume. We’re scarfing it down so fast we’re not even tasting it. The purpose of food is to nourish our bodies, nurture our souls, spend time with family and share our days stories and laughs. We’re supposed to smell, taste, touch, savour, and be apart of our food. Some where we lost the meaning of food and now it’s become an epidemic. So spend the holidays enjoying yourselves, eat, drink and be merry but also be mindful and realize what’s important to yourself, your friends, and your loved ones. Take care of your bodies, your mind, and your souls this holiday season!

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About Farm, Foodie and Fitness

Kelly Roberts is a Healthy Living Advocate. She is the owner and CEO of Beach Pilates and Wellness and Farm Foodie Fitness. She is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and received her training from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City. Fueled by passion, she founded her holistic health practice, Farm Foodie Fitness. She educates and teaches her clients and the community the life changing benefits of nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle. Her practice consists of corporate and private clients from all across the country. Kelly is also the owner of Pilates on the Beach in Ocean City, Maryland and Bethany Beach, Delaware. She offers classes out on the beach for locals and visitors from May to September. She is a Certified Pilates instructor by world renowned Body Arts and Science International. BASI Pilates ®. For the past ten years, she has specialized in Pre and Post-Natal, athletes, rehabilitation, and clients with chronic illness. Kelly also offers private one-on-one sessions, as well as semi-private sessions. Kelly first discovered Pilates twelve years ago after a serious car accident left her with debilitating back and neck pain. She incorporates the Pilates method into her teaching and daily practice to maintain movement, a healthy lifestyle, and to live pain free. Kelly holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Salisbury University with a concentration in Mass Media. Her passion for nutrition and food lead her to Alissa Cohen, where she studied to become a Certified Raw Chef. She enjoys incorporating raw foods into her diet and sharing her knowledge with her clients, friends, and family. She offers private and group cooking classes, food demos, and has also been a private chef to a number of families. Also a Certified Master Gardener, she understands the importance of fresh, local foods, and knowing where your food comes from. Kelly offers gardening knowledge, advice, and hands on training through community gardens. She also teaches elementary children the benefits of nutrition and how growing your own food through edible school yards. Kelly is also a published author; her fiction novel, "The Road to Chianti" and her summer and winter cookbooks, "Farm Foodie Fitness Homegrown.” She has been featured in Mind Body Green, Charleston Home Magazine, and many other publications. Kelly recently released her first fitness DVD "Beach Pilates and Wellness, Pilates Mat Workout." She also has a successful health, nutrition, fitness, and organic gardening blog. Make sure to check it out! www.farmfoodieandfitness.com. When Kelly is not running businesses she's chasing her two little ones. Contact Kelly to book seminars, demonstrations, book signings, or speaking engagements.

3 thoughts on “Mindful Eating

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  2. Good timing on this post! All day I thought I was going to cook some root vegetables for a wonderful soup recipe…I never got around to it. Dinner was crackers…I’ll pay more attention! I like the whole concept of mindful eating. This is the strangest time of year to find balance! oxo

    • You are so right! This time of year is tough, but I think we tend to over do it too much during the holidays and then we’re so far gone by the new year. We’ve started off already with a negative mindset so eat the bad stuff and enjoy it but also put some of the good in there too. Balance is tough especially at the holidays. Hope you finally got your soup made! xox

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