Start A Container Garden

With all this rain the east coast has been pummeled with at the end of August, it’s left us with damaged gardens and soggy yards. My local area received 10.5 inches in 12 hours and I live in a coastal area where we’re pretty much below sea level and the water table is super high so it left us under water for well over a week which contributed to losing 80% of my garden. 😦 But with that being said, now that we’re into fall you can pretty much start anew and plant cool weather crops such as beets, carrots, turnips, parsnips, onions, garlic, lettuce, micro-greens, even cool weather beans like favas or if you’re in the warmer zones you can start another round of green beans.

I wasn’t able to clean up my garden because of standing water for almost 3 weeks after the numerous days of storms, So my daughter who loves to help me in the garden and is now obsessed with making a video for everything, decided since we couldn’t get into our raised beds and show you how to plant fall veggies we could show you by starting a container garden.

This is perfect for people who don’t get as much sun now as the angle has begun to get lower with the end of summer. Container gardens are great for people who live in the city or don’t have a yard or a lot of growing room. All you need is a few pots or tubs, lettuce or greens seeds. You can even do radishes, beans, even next spring grow your tomatoes and peppers in containers. Here is our little video on how to start a container garden and grow your own lettuce this fall. Hope you love it! Let us know if you try it out yourself!

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7 thoughts on “Start A Container Garden

  1. This is awesome! I was going to write a blog on this myself! We use these old styrofoam containers from the farmer’s markets that were used for shipping broccoli! They retain moisture and regulate temperature great!

  2. Firstly I’m sorry to hear about losing your garden to water! But you seem to have turned it into a positive, and eventhough I have a garden and an allotment I still use containers for all sorts of salads, carrots, herbs and tender greens. and isn’t it great to re-cycle containers !

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